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Clinical Tai Chi System of Balance

Liveby Tai Chi is an unique and innovative tai chi method that incorporates balance exercises and postures from different tai chi styles, Pilates and Yoga that are adapted with the physiotherapy and medical knowledge and scientific principles to be used in rehabilitation and wellness. 

The system of balance works the static and dynamic balance. The balance training in all levels is a useful intervention in the rehabilitation of postural stability impairment as well as in training to improve performance.  The Liveby Tai Chi “System of Balance” method, incorporates concepts of an evidence-based approach called Sensory Training (STM), which is defined as a progressive balance training program where the dose and progression of the balance challenges are taken into consideration.

Participants in our System of Balance tai chi classes love our unique method of teaching tai chi with body-mind exercises, balance, breathing, and tai chi postures and movements that are easy to learn and remember. Because everything is easier with balance!

Be part of the Liveby Tai Chi family as a participant in one of our workshops to learn and practice our tai chi method, or become a certified Liveby Tai Chi instructor on our system of balance unique and innovative method.

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